My son Robert Fairchild,Jr. went to our capital on Jan 6, 2021 being a concerned American Citizen and a decorated Veteran to protest a presidential election. He did pick up a bike rack that people were tripping over and he did enter the capital rotunda. His image was captured and he was hunted and arrested and charged. He began his prison sentence November 2022. They used selected pictures from video to convict him. Not the entire video! They said he was removing barricades when he was moving a fallen bike rack that was a danger to people. And he was charged with Felony Tresspass for entering his capital. He fought in Iraq with the US Marine Corps twice and was in the initial invasion of Iraq. He was a decorated Combat Veteran who risked his own life and well being to save his fellow Marine Brothers. He received The Navy & Marine Corps Achievement Medal twice for his actions during combat situations. Robby also works with veterans who need help with Drs appointment, groceries etc.  Robby sold all that he had including his car so his 2 children would have some support from him during his prison sentence. He will leave prison with nothing. He owes fines also. Thank you so much!