It is with great sorrow and grief that I write this request to help pay funeral expenses for my nephew John P Robles. My family is asking for financial help and prayers for John’s parents, Richard and Maggie Robles, after the tragic passing of their youngest son.

John passed away the morning of January 8, 2023 at the age of 33. He was found in his bedroom by his parents and had just celebrated his birthday in December. John felt ill a few days after his birthday and went to the ER on Christmas day. He was released the following day and prescribed medication. His family never thought that John would suddenly pass a few weeks later.

John’s family was struggling financially at the time of his sudden passing. John’s father suffered a massive heart attack in 2018, 3 weeks after the passing of John’s grandmother who he was very close to. John’s father was medically deceased for 8 minutes following his heart attack, but by the grace of God, was miraculously revived and recovered. Unfortunately, John’s father was forced to retire following his heart attack due to lingering medical issues. His life was forever changed physically as well as financially and he had to use all his savings to pay off the overwhelming medical bills.

John selflessly took it upon himself to care for his father and provide for his family during those challenging times following his father’s heart attack. He drove his father to doctor appointments, therapy, and was constantly by his side during his recovery. John also worked and contributed financially to his family while remaining his father’s caretaker. John never wanted his father to be alone and always worked hard to make sure his family did not struggle.

John was a kind soul, he loved animals, and always had a smile for a stranger. He was the kind of person that would help anyone in need. When John was a child, our family would ask him what he wanted for Christmas or his birthdays. His response was always the same, “locks, keys, and cash.” It became a family joke throughout the years as John grew up, but John was serious, he legitimately wanted locks, keys, and loose change. This is just an example of the beautiful, kind soul John was.

My family is heartbroken following John’s tragic passing. We are asking for any help you can provide to help Richard and Maggie bury their son. They were living paycheck to paycheck and trying to navigate through the new life God had granted John’s father following his heart attack. As a family, they were never bitter or angry because of the new challenges they faced. Instead, they were happy, humble, and appreciative of life. Please, help this family navigate through one of the most difficult challenges anyone can face, the passing of a child. My family humbly asks that you please consider donating towards the burial of a beautiful soul, John P Robles.

As my family reflects on John’s beautiful life, we always come back to his request of “locks, keys, and cash.” As much as it pains us to say, John’s soul is now locked in his eternal home in Heaven, he has the keys to the Pearly Gates, and he cashed in on Jesus’s promise of eternal life.

Thank you so much for your consideration and God Bless. Please keep our family in your prayers.