Dear Humanity,

I know and love a young person who feels she was born in the wrong body and needs corrective surgery and other methods in order correct God’s plan for her. We live in an enthusiastic gender-affirming community with a high per capita of gender affirming professionals. The young people have a large network of shared supporters so it is very easy to draw in the next participant because they know and share with each other where to go for support. Having personally known this dynamic and wonderful human for so long, I can see she is going to eventually regret these decisions. Because she is so awesome and talented and has other healthy goals and dreams, I would like to present her with some money that she could use toward furthering her talents and dreams in a positive way. The money for this young adult will only be available once her brain is fully developed at the age of 25. At any time prior to this age should she chooses to change her God-given body, I will promptly refund your money. These funds are not meant for de-transitioning help. Your positive comments from love and experience may be more valuable and effective in the present time: please feel free to write words of encouragement. She already has enough encouragement to proceed with surgery so I am hoping for your words of wisdom and prayers. This post could save someone else in our community from making the same error. My hope for this person is two-fold: to live out her life without the introduction of life-long dependencies on the medical system because of optional choices she made at a young age and two, to avoid making irreversible gender choices that her 25-year-old self may regret. Thank you.