Supporting Michelle Chapman after two MVAs

Campaign Created by: Michelle Chapman

The funds from this campaign will be received by Michelle Chapman.

Goal: CAD $30,000
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Michele is facing eminent danger as a result of two different hit-and-run accidents in the last year. 

She is fully disabled and waiting on four surgeries, possibly more. She is about to move out of her rental as landlord is moving family in and shelters in BC are full which means she's facing sleeping in her car as an injured woman who can barely walk. 

The injuries she has sustained has made it impossible for her to work at this time. She had three jobs prior to these two accidents and her income has gone from $5000 a month to $2000 she has had to make a choice between paying her bills and protecting her credit for the future or paying rent. Icbc's no-fault policy with their wage loss which is supposed to be 90% of her wage is not at all near that and she is afraid. 

She has a torn meniscus that prevents walking on her left leg, she has two bulging discs in L4 and L5, and something going on with her hip (waiting on tests) preventing her from walking on her right leg. She has nerve damage in both of her hands of which the first surgery is scheduled March 30 and she is scared for her life as she cannot defend herself if something were to happen on the street. 

This woman has volunteered in the food bank and has worked in the nonprofit sector over the years off and on to help women experiencing violence and she needs your help now! 

These two motorcycle accidents were both hit and runs. The first person got away, and there was only a side view of the car and the driver when police canvased the area. The other person was stuck behind cars at a red light and she was able to run the 20 steps off adrenaline to make sure she couldn't get away and it has been labeled her fault. 

These two peoples lives have not changed at all. They are still living their lives and hurt life has become hell. Please gather your support and help this woman who has done much for others and now needs your help


Update #1
March 12, 2023
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I am now living in my car. I can't have my surgeries without having a home. I can't get home care because I'm in my car. I'm waiting on BC Housing because I still can't afford rent and my bills.

I've chosen at 50 years old to protect my credit over paying rent because I can't even get a rental property once I'm healed without credit even though landlords in British

Columbia can't read a credit report to save their lives.

My first hand surgery is supposed to be March 30 and my second one on my other hand is supposed to be six weeks after that, waiting on an appointment for my knee surgery where they're going to take out my meniscus.

I have a bone protrusion in my hip where it connects to my pelvis and two slipped discs in

L4, and L5 plus brain fog from these two not my fault hit-and-run accidents where both drivers cut me off and took off while I bounced off the pavement a couple of times. One was caught the other one was not. Still waiting on appointments to fix these issues.


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