I am being sued by Boston City Councilor Julia Mejia for reporting factual things about her alleged behavior, and investigating credible reports that she may have been involved in a DUI that was covered up. For simply asking questions and reporting facts she is now suing me in Suffolk Superior Court. It is incredibly dangerous and anti-democratic for an elected official to try to use the courts to silence a reporter for investigating that same elected official. I have retained Attorney Marc Randazza, who specializes in this kind of cases. I can't expect him to work for free because he's not a filthy communist and could use your help raising funds. By donating you can help defend the First Amendment and send a message to Julia Mejia (and people like her) that we won't be silenced, and we won't back down when powerful people try to weaponize the courts against us. Thank you for supporting us here at Turtleboy Daily News. Read the entire lawsuit here