Many global reports, journalist, human right activists and Non-government organizations both local and international acknowledge the existence of period poverty and demonstrate the adverse effects of this silence pandemic which is not limited to culture, society, geographical location, region and as a matter of fact sex of an individual. Most teens and women globally are facing high levels of period poverty and are often ostracized by the society while they face and battle gender equity and on the other hand fight for their rights as women.

Girls and women in most rural areas of Uganda face the same challenges of having nothing to use during that time of the month and most have no idea when/why and what menstruation is and are usually shocked when it happens. Uganda has significantly high poverty rates and majority of its population live in rural areas fighting every day to meet the basic needs of life and definitely have to make the hard decision about whether to buy food or menstrual products when it’s that time of the month, endure and manage through the many period taboos and myths leaving no room to cater for proper menstrual management nor afford menstruation products and therefore resort to using unhealthy items like rags, grass newspapers, banana fibers and leaves, polythene bags, old mattress pieces etc. to manage their menstruation which are highly unhealthy and can turn out deadly rather than safe sanitary products.

This silent pandemic is slowly eating social lives and robbing young girls of their futures as they get to miss school monthly, highly vulnerable to abuse and stigma, lack proper sanitary products/information, face fear, embarrassment thus effecting their education, health, dignity and therefore there is a need to develop a program to help women get rid of such problems, be made aware of their rights, be empowered and equipped to handle the normal natural process through a sustainable, cost friendly and comprehensive solution which can reach all corners of the country/countries.

Imagine a project aimed at making reusable sanitary pads with an estimated production of more than 1,000 pads per day, a sewing studio to equip girls and women with reusable pads making skills and also cater for age tailored menestrual management education sessions, a project offering spacious room to handle/counsel people affected by period stigma…

Such a proposal/project has been devised by Teen candle initiative as means to end period poverty and have life and hope reborn for the girls and women however your support, sharing of this cause is needed to bring it to life.

Wanna partner with us? join us? know more? support the project? or help us spread awareness about the silent pandemic, Please reach out as we all join hands through this fundraising compaign for all girls and women to have worry-free, healthy and informed menestrual days.