It's hard for me to ask.

Update 3/08/23: In the middle of a nasty divorce (due to EX causing it to be very nasty) we have two children together. One child is disabled-Special Needs. One is Special Education.

The EX is COURT ORDERED as of November  16th 2022 to catch up all of the past due bills, and the EX refuses to do so, by not following any COURT orders. I'm in desperate need with help to catch up the bills so that my children do not lose their home due to the EX not following COURT orders. 

Please lend a helping hand if you are lead from your heart in doing so. Needing a little help with catching up on a few bills.  Any amount is greatly appreciated whether it's $1 or $5 as it will help me tremendously. God bless you and please know that I will pay it forward. 

Thank you so much.