Good afternoon,

My name is Amber Shreve and I am a Licensed Mental Health Therapist. My dream is to be able to help adults and children with the problems the everyday world brings by incorporating wide open space, nature, and animals. I feel this is beneficial because we all need rescuing sometimes, and it helps to "turn the volume down" and concentrate on healing.

My husband has a Masters in environmental science and we were thinking, what a better way to make a difference in these times than to incorporate his and my education and have a place that people can come for therapy that is peaceful and be able to escape their life for a couple days.

Our goal is to be able to purchase some property that has at least 10 acres and a 4 bedroom house. Right now most clients are seen by virtual appointment, and I plan to also continue this as well. However, ideally we would like to be able to come up with enough capital to get things rolling.

Once we were able to aquire the land and home, we would use the land to build about 3 small one bedroom cabins for people who wanted or needed crisis control therapy. Other land would be used to foster and care for animals.

Ideally this will be a self sustaining farm where people can come for therapy and help as well as providing a safe place for animals.

All funds will be used for this purpose.

Although this seems like an impossible dream, our family believes in helping others, and we have put forth the time and education, we want to see this dream become a reality.

Also if anyone has such land that could be used , we absolutely don't mind doing the work.

Thank you for your time and stay safe.

Amber and David Shreve