Help Nicholas walk and talk again

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Goal: USD $70,000
Raised: USD $ 5,543

There is another fundraiser using Nichlolas middle name 'Nabil'. I chose to use his first name here because I wanted to keep the two fundraisers separate. When I made the fundraiser in September of last year, it had not ever entered my mind that this could have anything to do with the vaccine. Nothing has been proven yet, and this fundraiser simply relates the current facts. 

This is my dear 11 year old son Nicholas. He was a bright, friendly and happy boy that did well in school, had good friends and was passionate about many things from playing the piano to composing fugues to chess and world currencies. Then in November 2021, it all changed. He started complaining about a stomach ache. We went to the doctor who said it was a virus and would soon go over. It didn't. It kept going and going. I was so worried about him catching COVID in such a weak state that I took him in to be vaccinated. His doctor thought that would be a good idea. He had his first shot in the end of January and completely collapsed afterwards. For days, he just lied in bed and hardly moved. Meanwhile his stomach ache continued. I was told that if you have the first shot you must get the second one. The doctors saw no problem in him getting another shot, despite the reaction to the first shot. (After all, catching COVID was seen as much worse than any possible side effects the vaccine might have). After his second shot in the beginning of March he collapsed again. I had to carry him inside the door after he virtually fainted. I called the hospital asking what I should do, but they calmly explained that everybody reacts differently to the vaccine and I should just let him rest (and bring him in if he starts having trouble breathing). He never quite recovered from the second shot, and instead developed more and more problems walking. I would find him crawling to get to the bathroom because his legs were not working. By the beginning of April he was in a wheelchair because his legs completely stopped moving. Extensive neurological tests were done and since nothing organic could explain the symptoms, he was diagnosed with functional neurological disorder (FND), told it was all psychological and put in a psychosomatic clinic.  Here he was mistreated and borderline abused, so much so that after five weeks he had declined to such a state that we had to pull him out. He lost his ability to speak in June and spent four more months at various FND treatment centers with virtually no improvement. It was not until December that the possibility of a vaccine injury was seriously considered. 

Nicholas has not attended school regularly since November of 2021. Every day is about trying to find a way to survive and figuring out the next step for treatment. He is not able to eat more than a couple of bites of food since that completely fills him up. The resulting weight loss made a doctor tell us that Nabil will die soon unless this trend is turned around.

He spends a lot of time practicing his rubics cubes, and loves to play games or watch movies with the family. He wants nothing more than to get healthy and resume his normal life. A full year and a half of his childhood has already been taken away. 

Because Nicholas needs help using the restroom, getting dressed, preparing food, etc, I've resigned from my job and have devoted myself to caring for him full time. In order to help with his extremely high current health care costs we are asking for you to kindly consider helping us with a donation and by spreading this fundraiser. 

We long to see Nicholas leave his wheelchair and to walk and talk again! Please consider helping him do so. 


Update #1
January 28, 2023
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Dear all,

I wanted to tell all of you that a vaccine injury has now been diagnosed by three separate, independent doctors in both Germany and the US, including a doctor at a major University hospital. We feel confident to state that my dear son is suffering from post vac syndrome, and will now start the journey of trying various therapies/medications to hopefully heal him. Virtually all of these therapies (like ozone therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, etc) are not covered by insurance and so we humbly ask for your continued help to be able to afford the treatments he needs.  Thank you all so much and God bless you! 


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