Our J6 Patriots languish in Political Prison!   

       When you see; "J4-J6", it means Justice for our Jan.6 Patriots.

       Treason Is The Reason For The Season!       * lawXwal

        "J6", is January 6th of 2023, the 2nd anniversary of the January 6th, 2021 Commie attack on our unarmed Patriots in D.C. for grievance & petition, but they were crushed as criminals & suffer to this day!   Let me be YOUR Emissary, * I will visit them for this J6, only days away! Our Patriots Imprisoned can directly see us from their cell windows! --So. I don't need to tell you how Important it is for me/us to be there for them. They suffer in conditions I cannot address here, but please call me, Barrett Haynes, at 979.330.8802 & I will tell you of their sufferings.  Please send me to them!  Can you donate a car for only 8 days? If not then I must rent a car to drive to Washington, D.C. My Texas driver's license is current, & expires. 2.10.27, B.D.--02.10.1954. 

         I have created life-size Prints of both ASHLI BABBITT's & ROSANNE BOYLAND's Angle Sakes; YOU CAN SEE MY ASHLI BABBITT ANGEL on my display photo "flying" over Micki Witthoeft, Ashli's mother & her father, with friends in the photo of us standing together!  My Rosanne & Ashli Angels can/will be seen by the Patriots from their cell windows, &, THE PRESS HAS ALREADY been REPORTING ON MY Ashli Babbitt PATRIOT-ANGEL.  You can see my Patriot-Angel with friends & Ashli's parents with me in the video link below, in this box.   

       Because I am carrying both life-size Patriot-Angels & much more activist materials to display on J6 --- I must drive (not fly) to Washington, D.C. I must depart from Houston, Texas by January 3rd or sooner.  I can cover food & miscellaneous from my Soc.Sec income (My frig is full).  To visit D.C., I need gas, Motel expenses for 3 or 4 nights in D.C. (I will sleep in the car roundtrip), I need restaurant money to take Ashli Babbitt's parents to dinner, please! ---Yes, I know Ashli's parents & you can see me with them in the dashboard photos (& in the video linked here)-- a rental car with a deposit & miles will put my expected maximum total cost at up to $4K.  Anyone is welcome to accompany me because my driving record is perfect! 

        ALERT MATRIARCHAL WOMEN!  The Commies in D.C. Imprisoned the men & killed the women!  For Ashli's & Rosanne's sake mustn't you send an Emissary? --Send me, I am a friend with the family & I am an Activist- I've already been in over a dozen Newspapers & online for Conservative & Christian causes before our Almighty God! I am friends with Independent Tayler Hansen seen with me in the low-lit photo. (Search Protestor Barrett Haynes.)  Ashli Babbitt was a veteran American Patriot & our Hero!!  She & Ms.Boyland were Murdered/Martyred: Ashli  NOW BECOMES AMERICA'S Joan-of-Arc!  Wounded in war she could not have children. Also, Rosanne is demeaned & shamed by her relatives for her love of country & love of our rightful President Trump.  Send me to D.C. right away.   I am in a hurry but there is time for me to complete my activist package; you will see my dazzling display in the media coverage of the upcoming J6, 2023! ---WATCH ME, but I must get there safely & prepared. Please help me for the sake of Ashli & Rosanne & our brave Patriots in prison!

       Please see my Campaign Photo, Including the photo of Yours Truly, Ashli's parents & friends standing under my creation of the Patriot-Angel in Ashli's likeness waving our flag, a MAGA Hat, in her hands, & flowing synthetic hair, her arms wave up-&-down & side-to-side, & she is wearing an 8" gold Cross, (these are my "Crossdresser" Crosses, they are available for $90.00, each hand made by local artisans; I call them the "Crossdresser in honor of Joan-of-Arc who was burned at the stake under false charges for Crossdressing!).  Many Patriots have hugged me, kissed my cheek, & offered me 10 & 20-dollar bills when I fly her 15 feet in the air at Trump Rallies & at our July 4 Celebrations at Houston City Hall!!  But most of all, we MUST fly her on J6, for America & in reverence for God Almighty! 

       Upon my return to Houston on January 9th, I don't expect my total expenses to exceed $4K.   At 68 years old, I am a retired Implants Dental Technician, & an Inventor. I am in perfect health (let's play tennis), &, on J6, I will deliver a high-profile display to honor our J6 Heros, LET'S DO THIS! The time is short, I need to make this goal before I/we leave for D.C. on or before January 3rd.   I would gladly go broke to make this trip but I'm nearly broke now (but not WOKE, lol).  I will send you all photos & videos of the entire event in real-time, unless you come with me. Just contact me & let's do this, PLEASE,  for AMERICA!!    You will be impressed with the high-profile Activist display I will achieve for your Investment.  After I am successful, I give All Glory to God!  

   Revelation 3:11,  "I Come Quickly, Hold Tight To What You Have, So That No One Can Take Your Crown!"  

      Please see the picture of Rosanne Boyland that I am holding in my hand. She & Ashli were both killed by the Capitol-Police--  (who were all Vaxxed in Dec.2020 causing their death & suicide). 

       (I no longer support Wesley Hunt.) 

     Blessings to You & Yours,   I have a feeling this is the beginning of a Beautiful Friendship.     

         ----- Barrett Haynes, Prolific Inventor, Patriot--Activist 



     I am with Nurse Jennifer Bridges with my Patriot Angel in several photos, also Dennis Prager, Mike Lindell, Cara Castronuava, Mayoral Candidate Demetria Smith, Houston political Hero--Gerry Monroe,  Dr.Steven Hotze & dear friend Nadia Walters, our beloved Dr. Angie Farella with my buddy Eric, I am on the front-page of numerous Newspapers, I am with the ProudBoyz at the Anti-Drag Queen child-groomer's Bingo party, Aiden Kennedy & friends yucking-it-up, Tayler Hansen & Yours-Truly -(Ashli Babbitt died in Tayler's arms, J6, 2021), Matt Walsh speaking at U.H., I am holding the photo I made for my Rosanne Patriot Angel,   Also I am seen at some of the best overpasses in Houston waving my Activist's signs & placards!!    

       I will contact the Houston Republican party & I will find who loves our Patriots & will put me into a vehicle for this trip to Washington, D.C.!  ...Man-Up!!!  Galatians 6:  I will reap a harvest for our country, give me a chance to prove myself to you!!   The Body of Christ Is One!  Corpus Cristi,  We Are His Body!!  Blessings to You!!  ---Barrett Haynes 

(Full name: John Barrett Haynes)

* lawXwal   ---one of my Inventions, represents Lucy's law against God's Law.