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A little about me:

I am now where the government wanted me, permanently disabled and dependent on them for an income that we have to depend on. On June 26th 2021 my life forever changed. I worked at bedside throughout “Covid lockdown” as a certified Hospice RN. We worked with minimal PPE, always exposed but one thing never changed, I showed up. I showed up everyday to ensure my patients had what they needed. In 2021 we began getting bombarded with emails filled with facts about the safety and effectiveness of the jab, encouraging us all to become vaccinated. The emails started to become more demanding, questioned our morals and values, started large incentives and then finally telling the staff that the “safety net” that was set up for those who came down with Covid or had vaccine reactions would be pulled starting July 2021 unless you took the vaccination. It was well known the mandate would be put into effect August 1st 2021. Despite my gut instinct, I took it as I needed my income and career. That’s when my life changed forever. I have been diagnosed with transverse myelitis along with a host of other diagnoses directly related to the “vaccine”. Not only was I left without a job and career, I am now permanently disabled. I am engaged in a battle with my former employer in attempts to be fairly compensated but they are winning the battle. They of course have access to large sums of money to fight me and it doesn’t look like they will honor the safety net. We live at just above poverty level so other then social security disability we do not qualify for other assistance.

Insurance alone costs us 700 a month and it’s a high deductible plan. We have to pay out of pocket 12,000 a year plus the monthly premium for our family before insurance will start to pay. This is just one of many issues we are facing financially. My husband is my primary caretaker so his income  is dependent on my ability to function while he goes to work. We are also working at spreading the message of caution, medical freedom and informed consent.

At this point anything will help.In addition we need funding for several areas including medical, travel/lodging expenses to continue to advocate and be a voice for the vaccine injured as well as litigation costs to hold those responsible for my injury accountable. 

We appreciate you taking the time to read my story. Please do not risk putting that poison into your body. It is just not worth the risk, learn from my lapse in judgement. 

Here are some of my media links if you are interested:

Covid vaccine victim impact statement delivered to the FDA on January 26th 2023:

My story in a video:

My Substack:

My Twitter handle:

The Coerced Nurse



Update #5 June 1st 2023
June 1, 2023
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Once again, my first acknowledge goes to the wonderful and generous supporters of myself and family. Without each and every prayer and/or good wishes sent out way, we gain strength. Though we have our struggles, the Lord has provided so many kind souls to lift us up and give us strength. With all that we have, thank you. 

As of late I have been laying low, I have had so many flares since my last update, I think half my time has been spent sleeping or unable to do much of anything. To say I hate being this way is an understatement. As with everything, there is good with the bad however and we recently received some absolutely amazing news. 

Despite the efforts of my former employer, we have been granted a jury trial in civil court to decide if I should be allowed to participate in workers comp payout. Since my former employer , Ohio’s Hospice , opted to not pay into the state worker comp fund, they are self funded. When we win, they will have to pay out of their own pocket. (This is a company that is not for profit, yet profits up to 49 million a year)

So our day in court is coming! I have attached the letter outlining our dates. Our families biggest hope is that this opens the door and sets precedent for anyone that was coerced , mandated and injured by the shot to be able to pursue the right to participate in the workers comp program. After all, those in a similar situation had no plans to get the shot until their livelihood was threatened. We got the shot to benefit our employer yet when we were injured, the employers dumped us and they declared us to “not be their problem.”

We continue to move forward, advocating where and when I am able. I am able to do that because of the love shown by all of you. We thank you for the continued support and truly cannot day Thank you enough. 

Much love, 

Danielle and family

Update #4-January 26th 2023
January 26, 2023
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Hi everybody. I am so sorry I haven’t been on to update. Please know that I have taken the time to read each comment and come back to them for encouragement. The gesture of support and time taken to send the kind thoughts means the world to me. 

It has been a whirlwind of activity. First I want to take a moment to acknowledge those who have supported me and those patiently waiting for an update. 

Christmas was a success , medical bills payed down and appointments set. 

I was afforded the opportunity to travel to Florida to conference and speak about my injury. I stayed in a home with other injured and we laughed, cried and started lifelong friendships. A documentary was started by the talented Jon Otto that we participated in. Part of the donations were paid forward and went to funding the house we injured stayed in together because I believe when one is blessed, it is important to pay it forward as well. This conference has led me to meeting a man by the name of Kevin Tuttle. He works tirelessly and with grace to get my story out. He has been able to accomplish this and I have had many appearances to share my story. All of this is a direct result from the support each and everyone of you has shown me. Nothing has happened by accident, and the injured are gaining ground. Kevin has quickly grown into a dear friend. Though he is experiencing hardship himself, he continues to give. That is a man who walks in faith. 

As I get links I will do my best to post them so you can follow me. I started a Substack called the Coerced Nurse and probably most impactful, was selected in a lottery to speak to the FDA committee on January 26th. I have a link to my testimony I will post in update 5, if you care to listen. 

A New Year means insurance turnover and we are back to square one. Our ridiculously high out of pocket deductible has reset,  once again leaving is to pay up front for any care we get until we meet our out of pocket burden. I think it is 12,000 this year, but I could be mistaken. It did go down by a little. That is in addition to the monthly 400 we pay to keep insurance. In 2024 I should qualify for Medicare, so fingers crossed that will take some of the medical burden down. Just one of my medications costs 800 dollars a month. I also have gotten to resume physical therapy, at 270 a visit, but I have had a decline since stopping after my visits run out so I really do look forward to that resuming. 

A resolution from me: I will do what I can to give more regular updates. Again words are words, but I would not be where I am without the love support and generosity we have been shown. 

I pray all are well and together, we will continue to fight against the safe and effective narrative. 

Update #3
December 16, 2022
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Again, I can’t say it enough, you guys are amazing. Today I am including screenshots of our medical. You can see I am not exaggerating when I said our medical is outrageous. So far we have been able to get the kid’s Christmas, our son will be seeing his counselor, and what is left will go to some of these bills. Sad thing is January 1st the process starts all over and we will owe the same amount again next year. You all have no idea how much this helps. May God shine favor upon each of you! 

The Baker Family

Update #2
December 15, 2022
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Well I tried to upload a video but I wasn’t successful. To sum it up, I woke up this morning crying. The amount of love shown is absolutely astounding. Our son that has been struggling has been seeing the psychiatrist once every couple of months and has really needed to get back into the counselor. He even asked at last visit to see her. We are going to be able to make that happen now. With paying out of pocket it became too expensive but we have enough now he will get counseling all of next year. You guys are doing amazing things for our family! 

Thank you just doesn’t seem enough!❤️


Update #1
December 15, 2022
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This is Danielle Baker. I just wanted to come on and say how blessed my family is. Words cannot express the how the love and kindness each of you have shared has already impacted us. I will be responding to each message at a later time but felt I needed to share with you the impact God’s love and your generosity has had already. I want to ensure everyone that I have contacts with FLCCC doctors and protocols. I have a wonderful woman,  Dr. Laffay, who is allopathic, keeping tabs on me, attempting to reverse the damage done.That being said know…. 

With tears in my eyes, we are ordering things for our children so they have a wonderful Christmas. I will continue to update and share with you how your giving spirit is allowing us to pay medical debt (along with other debts) and continue to fight for our voices to heard. God is working through you and we feel it with every fiber of our being. 

Thank you!


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