Hello, my name is Marc Gross, my wife Felisa and I are not ones for asking for help. We know ther are those way less fortunate than ourselves. We spent a lot of time volunteering at our local food shelf a few years ago up until my wife was diagnosed and started treatment for breast cancer, which she started on Nov 22, 2021. Her treatment lasted the entire year and with the grace of God she finishes her last treatment this year Nov25, 2022 she is now, im happy to say, cancer free. God bless. My profession allowed us the freedom to allow my wife to quit work and concentrate on her recovery which greatly helped. However, we’ve found ourselves enduring another family set back. 4 months ago I retired from my former profession to start working locally to be home with my wife and kids. While working a factory job I ended up getting a blister on the bottom of my foot, after visiting my Dr I was put on antibiotics and told to keep it clean and keep an eye on it. This went on for approximately 3 months after which it seemed to be getting worse. After several office visits, I ended up in the ER a few days before Thanksgiving. I was then referred to a local wound care facility near our house, who immediately set me up to see a Podiatrist from their office. I saw the Podiatrist, on ironically Nov 22, 2022, and was immediately sent to the ER in Sioux Falls, SD where is was admitted, put on high doses of antibiotics and prepped for surgery to remove infected tissue on my right foot. While undergoing surgery, it was determined that would not be able to save my second toe. Subsequently it was removed to help improve their chances of saving my foot. My surgery took place on Thanksgiving day, so I was unable to spend that time with my family back home. After surgery I spent the next 9 days in the hospital while they tried to figure out the right antibiotic cocktail that would work on my infection. As a result of the surgery and the complicated after treatment, I will be out of work for a minimum of 6 weeks. We are seeking help in any manner during this troubling time. Our faith is strong and we know God has us in his hands guiding all that we endure. If you find yourself in a position to help then thank you, if not please know that God truly has you in his hands and is looking out for you, loving you and guiding you. May Hod bless you all during these difficult times we live, may you all find peace and joy in his word. Thank you