Please help Giuseppe with continued car. He just turned 3 this month, his life expectancy was only 2 years. 

Giuseppe suffers from a genetic disorder called Ohtahara syndrome which is a regressive disease that continues to get worse. He can’t walk or talk and eats through a gastrotube in his stomach. Mentally he is only one month old and has many seizures everyday. He is not able to swallow and can not walk or talk. He relies heavily on the resources providing care for him. While most of those are paid for through health care his daycare/school is not approved. 

He attends a daycare for special children and gets therapy every week to help learn/retain basic motor skills at a cost of $1000/month. It’s the only school for kids like him anywhere in the area and possibly at all. During his day there they have a full time nurse to help feed him and give him his medicine. Without this he would not be able to be there. He receives 3 different types of therapy 3 times each a week for 9 sessions all performed during his day allowing us to not have to make 9 trips a week to a therapy facility.  

His Dad is a single parent struggling to pay bills and buy everyday items such as diapers and wipes while caring for Giuseppe 24 hours a day. With Giuseppe's needs and constant care it is extremely hard for him to do any kind of work or have a reliable steady income. Because of his son's recent schedule that included school vacation, his boy becoming sick, and appointments that needed to be done he has not been able to work for over two months putting him in a difficult position and behind on the tuition. Because of the care that he receives at this daycare it's critical to not only his development but having the nurses eyes on him daily. Without a trained person Giuseppe can only be with his father who can handle his needs and knows what to do in an emergency. 

Giuseppe likes to watch Coco Melon and Bluey. He can’t really pay attention for long periods of time but those can catch his attention for short spurts He likes to be held and sit with dad and recently laughed for the first time. Laughing and smiling is a very difficult task for him as is any kind of movement or reaction so these rare moments are very special. 

Please consider helping Giuseppe and his dad get through a rough patch so he does not lose the care that he gets and his place in his care center. this is a non profit school.... Apparo Academy in Augusta Ga. They have assisted with allowing him to stay in school while the tuition is trying to be raised. 

Thank you and God Bless