Amazing Journeys Together is an organization for individuals and families to network with others on a similar journey to a healthy lifestyle. So many people, such as myself, have allowed ourselves to become morbidly obese. Whether following a “diet” plan or having weight loss surgery, we too often isolate ourselves while trying to lose our excess weight. We have become people of “Learned Genetics”, yes, “Learned Genetics”! One generation after another pick up the eating and exercising habits of generations that have gone before us. You can see it with children who are obese today; their parents are morbidly obese, their grandparents and great-grandparents are morbidly obese, and this includes aunts and uncles, and even close friends. Look around yourself and see for yourself. 

My personal journey started way back when I was a child and was considered “healthy” and through my youth and young adult age, averaged under 250 lbs. In my mid-thirties, forties, and finally into my fifties I landed at my highest weight of 494.6 lbs February of 2011! That was the breaking point.

Eleven years later, many goals have been met, many surgeries I have had to have, and many issues as a consequence to the obesity, weight loss surgery, and also enjoying a new opportunity for life.   

Amazing Journeys Together was birthed 2014, with our first support group meeting June 24, 2014. From 2011 through 2019 I would attend the support group at the University of Minnesota the first Wednesday of every month. Many individuals were not able to attend our monthly meetings and gradually the accountability that meeting in person promotes, was fading and the weight was reappearing for many. This is part of the vision for Amazing Journeys Together is to reach out to the rural areas in Minnesota, North and South Dakota with in person meetings with on line interaction as well (not Facebook). Duplication and yearly gathering for all support groups with special inspirational and informational speakers. A time to gather, educate and build a network of support for one another. 

Our local group here in Alexandria MN, and many other groups were put on hold or went to zoom meetings with the events in 2020. This wasn’t the same as meeting in person many are struggling. January 2023, in person meetings will be starting again and plans to have the website up and several different cities confirmed to start having meetings no later that March. 

The first half of 2023 Amazing Journeys Together will be working on a kids program called Camp AJ. The camp will be not only for the children but for the parents. Parents must learn themselves healthy eating habits and lifestyle to be able to help their children, too… chew your food, small bites, use small  plates, portion control, and less processed foods are just a few items to be taught, along with moving… correct and consistent exercise!

Our campaign is to help cover the general operations in establishing the different projects and events. 

What Amazing Journeys Together believes… First, our journeys, will be filled with amazing events, some good some not so good. If we allow ourselves to be amazed, we can keep looking for the next ah ha moments to encourage ourselves even more. Next, God didn’t design us to walk alone and He also didn’t say our journeys(life changes) He did give us a network, community, support group to walk along side us, if we let them. Lastly, God did give us JOY for the journey, on good days and days with challenges. 

“For I know the plans I have for you…” Jeremiah 29:11