Faith is an important trait in John Carrol’s life. Faith, and his love of the Lord has allowed John to embody how Jesus wants us to live. He has touched so many of us through selfless acts of kindness and concern for our souls to obtain Heaven. John, as a courageous Christian, is facing a battle we can help him survive. He has very serious cancer and the many people he has helped are ready to help him. First, pray for John and ask your favorite saint to intercede on his behalf. If you are then able, please donate what you can so he can focus on healing. Traditional treatment is not sufficient for John to win this battle. He is complimenting radiation with alternative treatments that he discovered through exhaustive research and recommendations from others who had similar battles.  Alternative treatments are not typically covered by insurance or Medicare. I find it amazing this campaign will start on November 29th - “Giving Tuesday”,  It is through our prayers, our support, and our love that he will win this battle.