Scammer Stole Everything #GivingTuesday

Campaign Created by: Scott Gauthier

The funds from this campaign will be received by Scott Gauthier.

Goal: USD $2,000
Raised: USD $ 250

I'm a single dad working 2 jobs and raising my nonverbal 13 year old son with autism. 3 weeks ago I received what I thought was a great offer to work a 2nd job from home, which sounded like my prayers had finally been answered as leaving my son a few nights a week to work a 2nd job has been really hard. I was sent a large check to buy supplies for the job, and was told to just send back whatever I didn't need..they just wanted to make sure I had enough to get the essentials (which included purchasing a laptop).

I deposited the check, and bought everything I needed and sent back around $1000 that was leftover. I was supposed to start the job on a Monday. I went to buy groceries the Wednesday before and my debit card was declined. I look at my bank account and see that it is -$2,884.33! I suddenly couldn't breathe and had a panic attack as I realized this whole new "2nd job from home" opportunity was a scam that I somehow fell for. Unfortunately my bank couldn't do very much and neither could the police. So now I'm out of all of my hard earned money, and like everyone I have bills and rent to pay. Our internet is turned off (I'm relying on the hotspot on my phone), we have barely any food at home, and my mental health is not in a very good place whatsoever. These funds would be a HUGE help as I have no other way to get out of this hole. I'm behind on rent and my car payment and doing everything I can between working 2 jobs and I have nowhere else to turn and I'm very worried about keeping our heat and electricity on. If you feel called to contribute, anything would help us in this time of great need!


Update #1
January 4, 2023
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Unfortunately, things haven't gotten any better over the past month. I've been working hard to get us out of this hole, but the bills keep on piling up. It's been incredibly hard for me to get donations, as I'm not the the type to ask for handouts. Thank you to those who donated and I hope the next update will be on a higher note when I hit my goal! 


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