Kody’s family has experienced an unthinkable loss as their sweet boy has passed into the arms of Jesus for all eternity. 

For three years, Kody went through treatment for neuroblastoma, literally defying all the doctors who were baffled and confounded how this boy so full of disease continued to run and play with his dad and sister up until a week before he was given over to Jesus. 

But we know why… it was because of so many miracles that Kody’s family watched play out. Thank you Jesus! 

Perhaps you knew Kody personally or met him at Red Rocks with Katy Nichole. Or maybe you’ve followed his journey on Kody’s Warriors. No doubt that you fell in love with him and his toothless smile and eyes the size of saucers… a perfect combination of mommy and daddy. His heart was just as sweet, and this amazing boy will be missed by thousands of people. 

If you feel moved to give, please know the deep appreciation Kody’s family has for any amount. The expenses have been massive the past two weeks alone. 

Thank you friends. Thank you for supporting the Schmidt family during the hardest time of their lives. 

If you’re here and you’re reading this and you haven’t accepted Jesus into your heart and life, please reach out so I can tell you about Jesus and how much He loves you. There are no accidents. You found yourself here by the hand of God that is relentlessly pursuing you, even if it is through a sadness like this. 

Kody’s family is organizing a celebration of life to be held in Greeley, Colorado. Details will be announced at a later date.