Hello my name is Barbara Kearau Age and I am 26 years old. We are 5 girls in the family and including my parents we are 7 of us. 

I lost my first born sister when I was 3 years old, than my Dad when i was 18 years old, than my third born sister when I was 22 years old and my mom recently and I am now 26 years old. From 7 our number has decreased down to 3 and being a Ophan is really hard for us especially. 

I am late with my Bill's and I cannot pay back my loans. I am in need of help from anyone who may be willing to help me. I have tried selling all my stuff to pay back my loans but none really has worked for me as nobody was I interested to buy the things I was selling. 

I am kindly reaching out to any kind soul who are willing to help me. Your help can really go a long way for us. And it can help us make a big difference in our lives. 

Thank you so much and I pray that GOD will bless your heart abundantly for helping Ophans like us.