My husband Nick and I are being attacked by the LGBTQ+ community and our local government for standing up for our Christian values in our business. After years of renovation, marketing, and financial hardship, our family's dream of creating a Christ centered wedding venue became reality on June 17, 2022. Only 13 days after opening our doors, we became victims of the "cancel culture" movement by the LGBTQ+ community for standing for Biblical marriage. This attack on our Christian values is proving to be financially catastrophic to our business. We will use 100% of the funds raised to pay off our business debts, allowing us to continue honoring Biblical marriage.

We have received countless words and letters of support from Christians around the world, but the hard reality is that we will loose our business without financial support. 

The LGBTQ+ community is viciously attacking us by sending daily death threats, pornographic messages, and the personal and business slander. Local and national news networks have labeled us as "homophobic" and insist we are discriminating against the LGBTQ+ community. Nothing could be farther from the truth. 

The negative backlash of our Biblical stance for marriage has literally devastated our wedding venue's business, and is forcing us out of business, along with millions in renovation loans for us to navigate. We still believe that God will bless our business and family through the support of Christians around the world. We ask for your prayers, financial support, and that you share our website with those who still will stand for Christian values. 

Nick and I are facing a spiritual war, and we have chosen to stand for Christ, and we invite you to stand along side us by showing your support. 


Phase 1 (Completed. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!)

Raise $28,000 to pay the Broadway Avenue's final payment of 2022. Nick and Hannah have applied for a three-month deferral to allow time to do more fundraising and get them through three months of “off” season (January – March) where there are no events scheduled.

Phase 2

 Raise $98,000, to pay three months worth of loan payments and utilities for the 2023 calendar year. This would allow The Broadway Avenue to stay open long enough to perform weddings booked for May, June, and July 2023. 

Phase 3

Raise $500,000 to pay for 2024 loan payments and utilities. There are currently no weddings booked for 2024. 

Phase 4

Raise $2,455,300, and pay loan balance off completely so that Nick and Hannah can use their venue for so much more than just biblical weddings. They have started a nonprofit, and have goals to give back to the community through their catering company, hold healing workshops, continue kingdom work in our city, become a satellite church, and ultimately be able to help other business’ going through what we are going through in their fight for standing for Jesus and His Truth.