In early October 2022, my husband Jesse Matherly went from completely healthy to suffering sudden and serious medical issues overnight. He experienced heart problems, shortness of breath, and various other problems that led to multiple doctor's office and ER visits. After weeks of suffering and testing, we finally discovered that his thyroid was dangerously overactive. If we had not caught this in time, I would potentially be faced with my husband passing away. Thankfully, we managed to avoid that.

We are now established with a good doctor and Jesse is on the long road to recovery, but the medical bills have begun piling up.  We have a lot of financial obligations as it is, such as a mortgage, and while we do have insurance, we are faced with large copays, and this time of the year is always very hard on us financially. This is being set up to help with the emergency room expenses. 

My husband is a good, wonderful man who has never hesitated to help others. Any help he can get with this will be appreciated more than you know.

Thank you very much!