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Proverbs 11:25

Those Who Live To Bless Others Will Have Blessings Heaped Upon Them, and The One Who Pours Out His Life To Pour Out Blessings Will Be Saturated With Favor

Arabella & Sebastians Mom's Journey To A Full Recovery Physically & Mentally💜

It Takes A Village & I'm Reaching Out To Every Christ Brother & Sister To Give If Your Blessed Or Just Shareing & Praying Is More Than Enough Too🙏❤️🤟✝️

PLEASE SHOW MY BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER VICTORIA HOW AMAZING OUR GOD IS.... My daughter lives with depression daily, on top of having post partum depression & not being able to watch her daughter be born was very traumatic.  #StrongerTogether 

My 23 yr old daughter was in a horrific wreck 11/5/22 at 37 weeks pregnant thats turned our lives upside down. It shattered her pelvis, & she had to have an emergency c-section to save her and her daughter but she can't walk anymore. She has a very long road ahead of her and we don't have a village like most familys do. All she has is me & my husband for a support system and we are doing all we can but I'm trying to get her financial burdens lifted on all her monthly bills , & all necessities for her & her 2 children, { car payment, rent, car  electric, water, etc so she can focus on her newborn daughter & her 4 yr old son as she is so far behind on bills. Their is no dad in Sebastian or Arablla's lives. I Created A campaign to raise funds and I'm struggling getting shares up so others can see to either give or share. I need all the support & help I can get. Please help me😪

Thank you from the bottom of my  heart❤️