Many children are in sufferance by the lack of survival skills their parents do not obtain. Some are without clothing, food, school and shelter. Children are sleeping on floors and outdoors. Having views of domestic disputes and praying to discover a more beautiful attribute. God is love and there is always hope. When led by faith! Great things come to those who wait. But these babies have held on for forever and begin to think their help is coming (Never). God order us to attend to his sheep. We are the key to these children gaining their peace. THEY need US and WE need YOU! 

2 families have been sheltered within the past two months. It’s been tough because many are judging instead of helping. We are working closely with other organizations in the area for donations but there has been a lack of help. Sheltering more families would allow us to be their stepping stone for a better and healthier life. These children need us and God is watching our works. 

All funds will help a child receive bedding, school clothes, obtain shelter, food, parental classes for their parents, counseling enrollment for children, supplies for bathing, school and relief. 

#GivingTuesday #Godislove #GivingTuesday