I live in Unincorporated Lee County near Summerlin and San Carlos. The recent hurricane IAN ripped my roof off and then 4 feet of brown seawater and sewage flooded my house destroying nearly everything I own. It is only through the benevolence of a friend that I have a laptop to begin the process of rebuilding my world. I own my house (no mortgage) but the damage to the house is such that any kind of loan is impossible. Basically, the house needs to be gutted -- all drywall up to 5ft from floor removed, kitchen cabinets/countertops/sinks removed, all the ceramic tile floors throughout the house need to be removed, bathroom cabinets/countertops/sinks removed. All electrical outlets must be replaced. The roof must be rebuilt and replaced (there are several holes in the roof but I now have blue tarps to mitigate future damage. All of this costs $$$$ that I do not have. I am retired, on a limited income and could not afford the rising insurance (homeowner's and flood (approx 7K annually each and with a 10K deductible each). Even if I had insurance, at least 5 insurance companies have  declared bankruptcy and are either defaulting on insurance or paying only a small portion of claims. please help