I am in desperate need of a full mouth extraction and dentures. I have been to different places that gave me prices from $7500-$11,450. No insurance and my husband's income keeps me from being eligible for Medicaid, sliding scale discounts or anything like that. We have horrible credit from a buy here pay here vehicle that we had to return after I lost my job so have been refused credit from CareCredit and other 3rd party lenders and anywhere else we've applied. Looked into insurance but plans only offer to cover 10-25% of the cost and dental offices want the remaining balance paid upfront before any procedure. We absolutely can not come up with the money all at once. What we can afford is reasonable monthly payments but can't find anywhere that will do that. Can someone please help me? My mouth is in constant pain. I can't eat, sleep, talk, have constant pain in my jaw, ear, head from my dental issues. My husband and I have helped so many people along the way but now I'm the one who needs help. I'd never ask if there were any other way. I've prayed for answers, perhaps this is it. Thank you for taking the time to review my situation. God Bless