Over the last century, and the past several decades in particular, there has been an increased secularization of the modern education system. The Fletcher School seeks to return to a method of education that has produced many of the great men and women of history. TFS had humble beginnings with only 3 families (10 students) meeting together each week. They started by meeting in the home of one family. As word caught on in their church and community, others were eager to join. That is when they decided to expand and begin to build culture within their community. TFS now meets in a church building and currently has 44 students and 24 households. The growth was immediate! TFS has been relying on self-funding/personal donations/increasing moral fiscal solvency. All of our teachers and administrators are all-stars, experienced and skilled in many areas, but especially in their love for training the next generation of Christian leaders. In order to strengthen them and recruit more all-stars, we desire to pay way above the public school teacher industry standard.

TFS would also like to provide financial aid for those who believe in TFS but simply cannot afford it.

 The Fletcher School does not accept any government money. This means that they rely greatly on the generosity of those who understand the value of classical Christian education in order to train the next generation of Christian leaders. 

We know that he who takes the king’s coin becomes the king’s man. We have no desire to be beholden to an often godless government. Funding from the government necessarily comes with strings attached, and increasingly so. The Fletcher School understands the importance of our mission in our community and refuses to be put in a place where compromise on the content or method of our education is even a temptation.

We are grateful to God for your financial gift, no matter how small, because we know that He will use it in service of His kingdom at The Fletcher School.