The Temple of Amrita

In the heart of ancient traditions, a vision takes root—a vision of The Temple of Amrita. This sacred endeavor aims to weave together the threads of ancient wisdom, intuitive practice, and the symbiotic relationship with nature into a magnificent tapestry. 

The Temple of Amrita is to be a living sanctuary, a connection between heaven and earth. It shall serve as a bridge to the Shambhala tradition, where intuition guides the spiritual warrior. Amrita is a Sanskrit term with translates to the nectar of immortality. It refers to a heightened state of self-awareness. We believe that Amanita Muscaria, the red fly agaric, is the nectar of life and we are sharing its healing powers.

The Temple of Amrita shall be more than a sanctuary; it shall be a haven for meditation retreats where seekers can delve into the depths of their consciousness. The ceremonies, conducted with reverence and grace, shall be a celebration of the intuitive connection to the divine, fostering an environment where participants can experience the transformative and healing power of the Amanita Muscaria.

The essence of the Shambhala tradition is interwoven into The Temple of Amrita. Rooted in the belief that every individual possesses innate goodness, this tradition resonates with all faiths that strive for good. Buddhist, Christian, Shamans, and Siks alike. It is a tradition that aligns with the rhythm of nature, guiding us towards an enlightened society.

At the trustee of this endeavor stands Mikael Ananda. A spiritual warrior who can guide on the path of spiritual awakening as well as a seasoned political activist. Mikael shall steward the temple with a profound understanding of the ancient practices, fusing them seamlessly with contemporary interpretations.

The realization of The Temple of Amrita is a collective endeavor, a harmonious dance between visionaries and those called to support this sacred space. We extend an invitation to everyone to offer gifts and contribute long-term loans to the project. Our aim is to raise 500,000 euros to bring this luminescent vision to life—a vision that transcends borders and cultures. The Temple of Amrita shall stand as a testament to the unity of ancient wisdom and modern aspiration, drawing seekers from across the globe to partake in the mystical journey it offers.

The Temple of Amrita is not just a physical structure; it is a living entity, an enlightened society in the making. As a testament to our core values, the temple seeks to create harmony with nature, foster personal development, and provide a haven for spiritual exploration. 

To those whose hearts resonate with this sacred venture, we beckon you to be patrons of The Temple of Amrita. Investors are welcome, and their contributions will not only support the physical construction of the temple but also the spiritual endeavors within its sacred walls.

There are many ways to help us manifest the temple of Amrita. First by aligning your intention with ours, promoting the idea, and sharing our campaign. We are primarily looking for people who are willing and able to make long-term loans toward the purchase of a small farm. We already have about 200.000 Euros secured through a 10-year loan. You can also give a donation.

Thank you for the support!