My name is Dave Klucken. My signature was forged on a warranty deed. That was used to trick my grandmother into a reverse mortgage. My grandmother has since passed away and now, my wife (Lucretia Hughes Klucken) and I are trying to save our family home. This fight has been three years of hell that I would never wish on anyone. But we have ALL the evidence. We have a top signature expert that confirms that it is NOT my signature on the warranty deed. We finally have a Real estate Litigator that can handle our case. Somehow this all needs to happen by the next court date on October 31st 2022. So time is not on our side. It's very possible that even with all the evidence. We could still lose the home I've known my whole life. But over the last few years, God has always opened a door. I can only Pray he does it one more time. Anyone who donates (you can remain anonymous if you want) will be mentioned and thanked during our live show. And we would also like to offer everyone who donates a Faith Over Fear T-Shirt.