As some of you may know, on September 28, Hurricane Ian made landfall in the Ft. Myers/Cape Coral area. Ripping the entire community apart with winds of 155+mph and became inundated with up to 18 ft of water that came surging in. Lee County was demolished. Some areas hit harder than others. Personal friends have lost EVERYTHING. Displaced from their homes with everything they've worked for being washed out to sea.

Our once beautiful vacation town is not what it used to be.

Employment for most of the restaurant and retail workers has become difficult since everything has been either destroyed or inaccessible. 

The day after the storm, we got hard at work getting into our community and surrounding areas that were affected the most. Providing hot meals, supplies, and physical labor to help these poor souls who have lost everything. 

All proceeds raised will go to any and all supplies needed, giving back some monetary compensation to those who have nothing, and supporting the rebuild of our once beautiful county.

It doesn't matter the amount you donate, whether it's $1 or $1000. You will be helping restore faith in humanity and getting people back on their feet. Once we hit our goal, we will just keep going. We haven't stopped yet, nor do we plan on it until we get our town back.