My name is Dale J. Richardson and I am a Mechanical Engineering Technologist who pioneered research into COVID-19 infection controls. I uncovered that a crime was committed before anyone heard the phrase "two weeks to slow the spread". On July 3, 2020, two criminal negligence complaints (2020-898907 filed by DSR Karis Consulting Inc., and 2020-898911 filed by me) were made based on the research that I pioneered. Had I been able to walk into Court on July 23, 2020, the entire pandemic response would have been shut down because the government committed criminal negligence when developing the pandemic response. No one would have received a jab and no one would have been imprisoned for J6Every person harmed by the jabs are victims of crimes that were reported a year before anyone received a jabThe suppression of the criminal complaints allowed the government to push the jabs and commit other crimes. I have been working with Dr. William Makis MD, my daughter Kaysha Richardson and others to create a multi-disciplinary report for multiple existing criminal complaints in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Florida based on the existing research pioneered by myself and contributions from the other experts. Some of these criminal complaints includes high treason and human trafficking. After the horrendous treatment that Kaysha and I received fighting for the liberty of the people, Kaysha decided to start the Karis project to fight the evils of human trafficking and corruption. I as her father have supported her and since The Karis Project is in line with the corporate policy of DSR Karis Consulting Inc. it has created a space for The Karis Project humanitarian initiative. The Karis Project is coordinating with various groups harmed by the COVID-19 response to file criminal complaints in Canada and the United States. These groups includes anyone harmed by the vaccines, mandates, doctors or other professionals intimidated by their regulatory bodies, people who have lost their jobs, businesses, parents whose children have been impacted by mandates imposed by school or any other harm done as a result of the pandemic response. I am looking to raise money to fund the costs of research, continue to pursue criminal investigations related to COVID and to teach the people how to defend themselves using the law. For more information see An Interview on the Alpha Warrior Show. The Karis Project is working to help teach people how to defend themselves lawfully, file criminal complaints, expose human trafficking and corruption. This collective work will help every man woman and child in Canada, the United States and worldwide. The work of The Karis Project is for humanity to get justice. 

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I am asking for you the people for help in getting justice for all of the people. For God, Country, my fellow man and our children.