In October of 2021 employees of the federal public service were subjected to coercive vaccine mandates that removed our right to medical privacy, bodily autonomy and informed consent.

Abandoned by our unions and threatened by our employer, FedsForFreedom has taken action in the pursuit of justice by retaining lawyer Umar Sheikh. This legal action is open to all Federal Public Servants including both unionized and non-unionized members of crown corporations, core-departments and agencies. You can learn more about it our Liberty Membership - Legal Action here.

With our Liberty Membership comes access to "The Liberty Hardship Fund" it provides financial support to FedsForFreedom Liberty Members experiencing financial hardship due to a qualifying life event. 10% of all funds raised through all channels, such as crowd funding fundraising and membership fees will support the Hardship Fund. 100% of the donations from this campaign will go directly to The Liberty Hardship Fund.

A qualifying event is defined as extreme misfortune experienced by the member or the member’s immediate family member for reasons beyond their control that prevents the member from meeting basic living expenses. Examples of such events include, but are not limited to the following:

(1) death of a close family relation;

(2) unusual recently uninsured medical expenses caused by severe illness or accident;

(3) unusual uninsured expenses for the care of a family member;

(4) a diagnosed medical condition of the member or a close family relation that prohibits the member from working; or

(5) losses to primary residence (rental properties where the lessor is the applicant are excluded) caused by fire, crime, flood or other disaster.

FedsForFreedom Members Thank-you for your support.