FedsForFreedom advocates for an employee’s right to informed consent, bodily autonomy, and medical privacy within the Canadian Federal Public Service.


FedsForFreedom was created in August 2021 as a result of the threat from our Prime Minister with regards to the implementation of a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy. We are a group of concerned and impassioned public servants who volunteer our time to assist our colleagues by sharing experience, guidance and documentation. This information is used to support and empower employees who have experienced bullying, coercion, cajoling and threats as a result of the overreaching and discriminatory policy.

In a few short months our membership has risen to nearly 6,000 members on multiple social media platforms.

Thus far we have:

• Filed 2 Federal Public Sector Labour Relations Employment Board Complaints against PIPSC & PSAC against their Duty of Fair Representation. These cases are currently pending a decision from the Board to determine if they are arguable cases; and

• Launched a petition in the House of Commons which received over 17,000 signatures to drop the Federal Vaccine Mandate; and 

• Served a cease and desist to the core Federal Departments putting them on notice of a pending statement of claim.