FedsForFreedom advocates for an employee’s right to informed consent, bodily autonomy, and medical privacy within the Canadian Federal Public Service.

We are vehemently opposed to the Federal Governments Vaccine Mandates and want to put them to rest, once and for all! We need your help to do it.


Since FedsForFreedom’s inception in August 2021, this truly grassroots movement has become an incredible community offering: support, allyship, compassion and valuable personal and professional resources. For many public servants it has been a godsend in their darkest hour.

Every province and territory across our beautiful and vast country is home to Federal Public Servants. These are your fellow Canadians, maybe even your neighbours. They have suffered innumerable hardships (including, but not limited to, job loss, suspension without pay, loss of their homes, vehicles, inability to pay their bills) due to this government’s punitive and overly broad vaccine mandates and the unions that moved in lockstep with them.


Over the past two years we have accomplished so much, but we aren’t done yet and this battle is far from over!

At long last, we’ve retained legal counsel that is aligned with our morals and core values. Together we have worked tirelessly and are incredibly proud to announce the launch of our Class Action against the Federal Government of Canada.

The next and most imperative step in our legal battle is to ensure our Class is certified. In order to do that, we must prove to the Courts that we have the ability to see this legal proceeding though to the end. In a nutshell, it means we can demonstrate that we have the financial ability to sustain this case.

Expert witnesses, administrative fees and carrying costs all require funds. If we don’t have the ability to clearly demonstrate that we can cover these costs, our Class Action will never be certified leaving us with few, if any, options of legal recourse.


At FedsForFreedom, we believe that together we can move mountains. Every donation, no matter the amount, helps us toward our goal of having our Class Action certified, the pursuit of justice and setting historic legal precedent! We know that restoring freedom to fellow Canadians and making sure this never happens again is as important to you as it to us. From our hearts to yours, thank you for donating and sharing.

* Note 10% of all monies received are allocated to a Hardship Fund which helps to alleviate burdens of Federal Public Servants in dire financial need. We value transparency and are registered as a Canadian not-for-profit.

FedsForFreedom Thanks you for your Donation!