We, the community of unincorporated southwest Snohomish county, have joined together to oppose and/or mitigate changes to a huge apartment development drastically imposing on our single-family home neighborhoods.  It is not that we are against development in general, but this 8 buildings of 5-stories each is out of proportion to our single-family homes.  There are no amenities nearby for apartment residents, no transit means for them, and there are many dangers, on the property the developer wants to use, that would be hazardous to residents.  For the community, the development will decimate quiet, child-safe neighborhoods, lower home values, flood homes from hillside run-off, and release very serious toxins into the water, soil, and air.  We need you to help us help stop this development at least as planned.  The developer has already broken laws, misrepresented county codes, used false information in order to save on costs, all of which will have serious negative and harmful impacts on the surrounding neighborhoods.  Please donate today to help us with legal costs to keep development healthy, helpful, and beneficial to our neighborhoods.  Thank you!