We are a small town, family owned business. We opened in 2016 and have been helping people with their addictions, specifically: tobacco/cigarettes. Due to the rising costs of everything, and government regulations, we are facing closing our doors. The economy is not the only thing affecting our store, government overreach has an equally damaging result.

At one point, the store had 6 employees working part time, now we can't even afford to work our sole employee. Unfortunately, if things don't change, we will be forced to let him go. Our shelves are bare, and we haven't even been able to pay ourselves in over 2 months. The money we are seeking is to put inventory in the store and help us to rebuild what once was a thriving business. Praying we can give our employee at least 30 hours a week once things pick back up. 

Thank you for considering us for donating. God Bless.