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My name is Tammy Garcia. In 1995 my family suffered a devastating blow when my barely 40 year old Aunty died of cancer. She had a loving husband and two small children that she left behind. She was like a second mother to my sister and I and we all suffered greatly when she passed away.
In 2003 I had my first child. He was healthy, but struggled in the first few months of life with respiratory problems that nobody could really figure out. Was this asthma? “We aren’t sure” is what I was told and more antibiotics were prescribed.
One night his breathing got so bad we had to ride in an ambulance to the ER where we waited 17 hours to learn he had pneumonia and we were prescribed more antibiotics.
We faced another health challenge when he was just two and a half, he started getting unexplained bruising. When I took him to the doctor they diagnosed him with hand foot mouth disease.
Later that evening we ended up in the ER where nobody knew what was wrong for a very long time.
My husband left the hospital to research what could be wrong and came back with the right diagnosis which was ITP.
My son struggled with respiratory issues for years, but we managed to keep him off steroids and today at 16 he is an athlete free of breathing problems.
In 2005 I gave birth to my daughter a premature baby. I am grateful for the care she received when she was born. No doubt emergency medicine saved her life. She wasn’t breathing when she was born and her tiny body was intubated so she could take her first breath.
Doctors and nurses said she probably wouldn’t breast feed she was too small to latch. They said she would probably be delayed in learning have chronic lung problems and be behind her peer group.
I worked hard to get her to nurse, feeding her every 45 mins once I had her in my care full time out of the hospital.
My husband and I rejected the suggestions that she would continue to have health challenges and she did not. She is a competitive dancer smart as a whip and lines up with her peer group.
In 2009 I got a call from my sister telling me our Mom had cancer. They didn’t know what kind yet, but she was in the last stages of it. There was very little attempt to save my moms life. They asked us, “if we wanted to try chemotherapy” they had given up on her before even trying.
We decided to try chemo because we had no other choice. My Mom became more lethargic lost her hair and ultimately ended up in hospice in and out of consciousness on heavy doses of morphine. She died 9 weeks after diagnosis and my sister and I were devastated again.
What do all these stories have in common? The traditional medical model did not have the right answers for me.
In the case of my Aunty they could not save her. They told her two years to live and it was two years. What if they had told her 15 years would that have made a difference?
In the case of my son why would they prescribe steroids if they weren’t sure it was asthma? What treatment would he have been given had my husband not found the right course of treatment, which was ultimately waiting it out to let the body heal itself.
In the case of my daughter, what would her life be like if I told her that she would have learning disabilities and be behind her peer group?
In the case of my Mom what would be different if we had left that hospital where they had nothing to offer us and we were able to find someone who had something to offer us?
It was after my Mom passed that I experienced a serious shift in the way I looked at the medical model. This is when I knew that if I wanted to live a full life, experience my grandchildren, be and do everything I wanted to do in my life I had to take charge of my health and the health of my family.
I dove into learning everything I could about health. Reading, listening to alternative care providers attending seminars and researching all that I could about prevention of disease and optimum health.
When I experienced my own health challenges I researched more and talked to people more about what their experiences were. I was relentless in getting details and stories in search of finding answers.
This is what I learned and continue to learn. Health is achieved by common sense. What makes sense to you. Listen to your own body, it speaks to you daily. It speaks to you in the form of aches, pains, headaches, migraines, stomach aches, rashes, bumps and lumps.
It also speaks to you with feelings of happiness, joy, tingles, goosebumps, tears, laughter and general feelings of peace.
It’s our job to listen to what our bodies are trying to tell us. What is good for us, not what is good for someone else. Healing is an art and we can choose how we want to practice it. We are individual spirits with individualized vessels that we operate on a daily basis. How could one regiment, diet or treatment possibly be right for everyone?
As an advocate of healthy living my mission is to encourage people to be their own chief practitioner.
Research your bodies signals. Look for answers on your own before you accept one persons opinion of your body’s fate.
Reject the labels, reframe symptoms into signals. All Labels are there for is to categorize symptoms and bill the insurance company. They do not define you.
If you can eliminate uncomfortable symptoms aren’t you healthy? Why would you still need a label for a disease thats symptoms are gone? If you never had theses symptoms before isn’t it possible you could get rid of them?
Naturally Inspired is a movement. A movement designed to reach out to others to live inspired.
Not only when it comes to your physical health, but also when it comes to your spirit.
A happy spirit is so powerful when it comes to being healthy. You cannot expect to feel great when your spirit is unfulfilled and you are not filling the human need to live inspired and passionate about what you are spending time doing everyday.
This is not an anti Doctor movement. This is not a radical holistic health movement. This is a common sense movement. A movement created for people who want to change the marketplace of medicine and get the type of care we deserve.
To gently encourage practitioners, the food industry and pharmaceutical companies to give us what we need to be healthy. Let them know we reject the current medical model.
Let them know we no longer want pills and ineffective surgeries to cover up our symptoms. We want real healing. We don’t want toxic food choices that are making us sicker. We want whole foods and clean water and to give our bodies the nutrients they need to be well.
So if all this makes sense to you, I encourage you to join me and become part of our community.
Search out natural ways to relieve your symptoms and get healthier. Share stories and encourage others to do the same. Together we can change the medical model and get better care for ourselves and the people we love by growing and learning about what our bodies are trying to tell us.
We CAN feel good so we can do what we love for longer!
If the Naturally inspired movement makes sense to you. Let’s do this together and transform the medical model and help people take charge of their health.