God bless those who show up, despite the risk💕 I finally received power, and all of this is finally sinking in.  Most could only get any answers, or assistance by charging our devices in our cars, listening to the devastation on the radio….hoping we could at least let our families know we are okay.  Meanwhile, worried if we were able to refill gas if need be, as supply was low.  I’ve seen so much good in people, and that is what I’m taking from this.  I Love Florida and my community.  Personally, my family and I have gone through horrific damage, mentally, physically, and emotionally, as a result from this monster I, myself, have storm damage and loss, as well as my family and friends. It’s hard not to feel survivors guilt.  My ex husband and his fiancé are FMPD working endlessly before this hit, and still out there, endless 12 hour+ shifts. I had my kids throughout the storm on my own and after. My kids and I are trying to do what we can to help anyone in need. I need to purchase cleanup up supplies as well as make care packages for those who are medically needy and also, our homeless folks.  I live behind a community park, and tonight, for the first time since after the hurricane, I see tents placed all over the park, for those who have nowhere to go.  Anything you can help with, will go to great use.  My children and I have already started collecting hygiene bags, MREs, etc.  We have over the head costs for replacement items ourselves, and damage as well, but we are so blessed to of been able to reunite and we are all okay.  

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain 🌦🌈