My name is Lori Durbin. I am in Polk County Florida, in between Tampa and Orlando. My home has had some damage as a result of Hurricane Ian. I will need roof repairs, a new air conditioner unit, a new door, carpet removed, window screens replaced, new hurricane shutters a new tv antenna and a few other minor repairs.I also had to throw out about $300.00 worth of spoiled food due to power outages from the storm. I am fortunate that my home is livable, but damaged. I work as a substitute teacher. The storm caused me to lose over a week of wages. School was closed for an entire week, plus I have to be home for insurance calls and repair work to be done. 

I am trying to raise $3000.00. $2,000.00 for needed repairs. The damage I have is all considered exterior damage and is not covered by the insurance, and $1,000.00 to help recover my missing wages and to replace the food I had to throw away.I would be so grateful for any help I can get. I live paycheck to paycheck so this storm has really hurt my finances and set me back a lot. Thank you for your thoughts, prayers and support during this time. It means more than words can say.