Group Captain Lionel Mandrake ( founder and chief contributor) is a Christian commentator and lover of America. Group Captain Mandrake believes he is the only sane person in the room, or so it would seem. In actuality he is one of many Patriots out there doing what they can to educate people against the new Worldwide Communist Movement, hiding behind Socialism, Climate Change and other lies of the Far Left. It's what good Patriots do, or try to do. 

Captain Mandrake is a member of the Royal Air Force and is surrounded with insanity at all levels, even from those who would rather protect Leftist Big Corporations like the Coca Cola company rather than humanity. 

He graduated from a Left wing Big 10 University a long while back and before they had safe rooms.

His articles take on unique perspectives that involve a lot of research and time to bring you information so you can make your own informed decisions about what is happening all around us, and how to stop it. 

Please note that even though his website has excellent articles on topics of substance you will get nearly nowhere else on subjects of supreme importance to the visible universe (OK, thats Mandrake talking), he refuses Google ads that distract from your enjoyment while promoting the Big Tech/Big Media takeover. 

Mandrake has refused to financially support woke businesses, which includes Paypal, so donations at this time are only accepted at givesendgo. Please help by donating whatever you can.

Thank you!