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UPDATE #2 A new lawyer has expressed interest in taking Robbie's case, but it can't be done for free, so if anyone can possibly help me to get enough money to retain this new attorney, it would make all the difference in the world. Thank you so much for any help or prayers!

UPDATE #1 Robbie came home on bail, but sadly he's on very strict home incarceration and is not allowed to get a job. He desperately needs an attorney who will fight to have his draconian restrictions lifted so he can work to pay legal fees and bills. Please help if you can!

Please help me help my son (William R. Norwood, we call him Robbie.) as we continue to navigate the corrupt criminal justice system. There are so many related costs of being incarcerated, such as commissary and communication fees. There is also collateral financial damage that most people would have never thought of until it happens to them. I, as his mother, had retired, but now I'm working 2 jobs to pay his bills, to prevent his credit from being ruined so that he can have some semblance of a normal life when he is free to live as normal. It has been almost two years since his arrest due to events related to January 6th. There is no trial in sight. If you are not able to give, I fully understand. Please keep him, and his nine-year-old daughter, who misses him very much in your prayers, and for protection as he sits and waits. 


April 16, 2023
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 Thanks, in part, to the donations from everyone on GiveSendGo and other private fundraising, Robbie was able to retain an amazing attorney who is actually defending him. Although he's retained private counsel, he's still got a long way to go in order to pay off his legal bills. Please continue to share this campaign to anyone who may consider contributing to his legal fees! Thank you very much! Here is a snippet of the motion to dismiss count ONE that was filed on Friday the 14th. This is now public record and is the first time any of the truth about Robbie's case has been told."On February 25, 2021, Robbie Norwood of South Carolina, a 40-year-old father with no criminal record, was arrested and charged with misdemeanor and felony offenses related to his entry into the United States Capitol Building on January 6, 2021. On July 28, 2021, the Government obtained a Superseding Indictment to correct for errors made in the first, clarifying that the only felony charge against Mr. Norwood is Obstruction of an Official Proceeding, Count One. The remaining charges are misdemeanors related to trespass and disruption in the Capitol Building and on restricted grounds, along with one charge of misdemeanor larceny related to the taking of two items belonging to Capitol Police, conduct that occurred after Mr. Norwood exited the Capitol Building. Robbie Norwood is not charged with assaulting any officers. Instead, Mr. Norwood defended police officers from belligerent protesters, on two occasions, in different areas of the Capitol, forming a protective circle around officers along with others like Mr. Norwood, who had a similar protective instinct. At least one incident of Mr. Norwood shielding a police officer by forming a circle around him is publicly available at,, and Robbie is heard on video telling protesters not to touch the officers. Robbie Norwood even offered a uniformed officer, who looked parched, a blue Gatorade from his pocket. While Robbie’s colorful language in self-recorded videos inside the Capitol Building was less than polite, to put it mildly, his conduct never matched his words. Moreover, Robbie Norwood never made any comments related to the certification, or the election. In fact, Mr. Norwood didn’t even vote in the 2020 Presidential Election. Instead, Mr. Norwood appears to have wanted to protest in Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office, at one point exclaiming, “Where you at Nancy,” and eventually finding his way to the Speaker’s wing. Robbie did not break anything or cause any damage inside the Capitol Building or any office thereof. Robbie put multiple fallen items back in place when he observed them out of place. He is seen on video putting a fallen item back in its place as he walks past it. The video depicting Mr. Norwood replacing a fallen object in the Capitol hallway is publicly available at Robbie Norwood did not enter any Gallery or any space where a proceeding was taking place or would have been taking place. Mr. Norwood at one point approaches officers near the East Rotunda door asking to be let out of the building and is told that he cannot leave, that the doors must remain closed, at which point a crowd comes up behind Robbie and crushes him into the door, the force of the crowd eventually causing the doors to reopen — this is the most serious conduct in this case, according to the Government. At the last hearing, the Government mischaracterized this incident, stating to this Court on November 2, 2022: “Mr. Norwood was involved with a pretty crucial breach of one of the doors.” The statement was not challenged by Mr. Norwood’s court-appointed counsel in court but requires elucidation.The East Rotunda doors were “breached,” as per the government's verbiage, at 2:24 PM by George Tenney, who pleaded guilty to doing so. The doors were closed at 2:28 PM.CCTV video then shows Mr. Norwood, along with other protesters, appearing by those doors around 2:37 PM. He is seen speaking to the officers. Then Mr. Norwood is then seen forcefully pushed into the East Rotunda doors by the crowd, the force of the crowd causing the doors to reopen at 2:38 PM. Mr. Norwood is seen pressed against the door before he begins crawling along the door back inside and away from the crush of the crowd. Robbie is then seen bending over in pain and coughing. As he moves behind the crowd to wait in the back of the group to exit from the open doors, he sees members of the crowd attacking the police officer in front, who is guarding the doors. Robbie Norwood rushes to the front of the crowd and puts himself in harm's way once again, even after being injured, to defend the officer, along with the help of other protesters, together using their bodies to form a circle to shield the officer. Accordingly, Mr. Norwood’s involvement in the reopening of the East Rotunda doors was not one of voluntary control, and therefore the Government’s claim that “Mr. Norwood was involved with a pretty crucial breach of one of the doors” is a mischaracterization.The video of all events described here is public and available at:,, and "


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