Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida on Wednesday, September 28th as a Category 4 storm. The winds were clocked at 150 MPH (CAT 5 storms start at 157 MPH) when it hit Fort Myers and its barrier islands. It shook the area for hours as the winds and surges tore through bridges, both Pine Island bridge as well as the Sanibel Causeway were destroyed. It shredded homes, cars, and businesses. Boats became flying objects as they landed miles from where they were originally housed. 

As the storm weakened, it started to become clear that what was left was what we see in war zones on TV in other countries. Now, thousands of people have lost everything. From Fort Myers to Pine Island, and as far as the eye can see, the damage is everywhere. Families and individuals were left homeless and without food or a means to be able to support their families. A large portion of the businesses in this area, as well as its people, count on the tourist industry. There are simply no words to describe what is happening right in our backyards. Hurricane Ian is being ranked as among one of the most damaging storms to hit Florida in years. Hurricane Charley was a cool breeze compared to it. 

But the worst damage of all, is the lives it took. Reports are just starting to come out of the losses this great community has to now face. The city, the town and all the islands will forever be changed by this storm. 

But the folks in these hard hit areas are as strong as they are kind. They are shaking themselves off and rolling their sleeves up to try and rebuild. But, THEY NEED OUR HELP!! Cities and towns across the State are coming together to start giving back and although the loss is great, forward is the only direction to go.

By donating to this cause, you will be providing that help that is so greatly needed of our fellow Floridians. The proceeds of these gifts will provide a means to help those who have lost everything and do not have a means to regain anything back. We are hoping to provide clothing, food, shelter, furniture, and any other necessary items to those who have lost their jobs, their money, their cars, everything. So that they can help rebuild the beauty that is this area.