This fund was created to raise money for the more than 20 employees of Joeys Custard that no longer have a place to work. The money will be used to compensate them in the gap while they find new employment and Joeys begins rebuilding.

Well… As I write this post, My family, and our staff are filled with a million emotions... Joey’s Custard is flooded, destroyed and gone.

Hopefully just for now. 

We were able to get the below pictures of Joey’s and it has been confirmed that there was at least 5 to 6 feet of water inside the store destroying everything in it. 

Also our family’s personal home was ripped off of its pilings, floated 40 feet forward, hit a tree and came down hard cracking it open in many places and destroying it completely. 

The overall loss is huge. We hurt. It would be an understatement to act like we know what is ahead and how long things will take, but we cling to the quote that was in front of Joey’s for the last year…

“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God”

The sadness and tears come on without warning as we think about the loss this island has suffered. We loved this island. We loved serving you. 

Please know that we expect nothing from you, but many of you have reached out to see how you can help at this time. Our greatest concern is for the employees that no longer have a job and they’re dealing with their own personal loss and trauma. Y’all know they’re the greatest team on the planet and we are heartbroken for them as well. 

If you would like to be part of giving to an employees fund, donate here. 

We thank you for your prayers and concern and we will never forget the incredible love and support you showed Joey’s!