Mike, Ginger, and Kylie(10) live on Birchwood Lane in Ft Myers, Florida where Hurricane Ian made landfall on Wednesday, September 28, 2022. At 4p, a 2ft wall of water crashed into their home in an instant as they were bracing the Category 4 winds. The 3 of them and their 2 cats(Khloe&Simba) were able to get up inside the attic to escape the rising waters. Within the hour the water inside their home rose to 6ft. They used a hammer to make an escape hole in the roof while they waited out the scary155 mph winds for 14 hours. The next morning as the waters began to recede, they escaped one of their vehicles parked 2 miles away with just the clothes on their backs. This vehicle was thankfully unharmed by floodwater and they were able to reach safety at a local family member's home where they could shower, eat, and sleep. Surveying the aftermath, they discovered they lost their pickup truck, all of their belongings, furniture, and home. This sweet family is thankful to have escaped harm and although they are tremendously sad having lost all of their belongings and their home, they are hopeful to rebuild their lives in a non-flood zone. This fund is to help as they will need to purchase clothing, shoes, food, and find a place to rent while Ginger and Mike get back to work and Kylie can get back to school. Love, Thoughts, and Prayers are welcome!