As we are all aware, Hurricane Ian left devastating results.

I personally can’t imagine having my whole town, and surrounding areas, looking like a war zone. They have no water, electric, supplies (gas, food, etc) are limited and will run out fast, and limited to no cell phone service to get in touch with loved ones. Absolutely terrifying.

My dad and step mom were in the eye of the storm with 150 mph winds, but luckily did not have as much damage as the rest of the area surrounding them…

That being said…

In times like these, those who attend a home church would want more than anything to have their church to go to. Being able to have their safe place to turn to when you feel like you’ve lost everything. 

Unfortunately my dad’s church was severely destroyed in the storm. This makes Sunday services, plus any other day groups, services, prayer times, etc unable to occur. This church continuously gives back to the community and I think it’s time others help them! In turn, they’ll be able to help others quicker, making this a continuous train of helping!

The whole area will take months to get businesses back to normal, but obviously the more support they have, the faster this can happen.

Donations given will go straight to Fellowship Church of Englewood located in Rotunda, FL.

It can take a village to live this life, so let’s help come to together to try to give them back their normalcy sooner than later.