Hurricane Ian has devastated many. Lives lost. Homes Destroyed. Livelihoods demolished. 

Help us give to some who have been impacted by this natural disaster. 

The two parties that your donation will help, are listed below. We encourage you to read their stories and help during their time of need. 

Jacinta (JJ) Ingream is the owner of Mango Rita’s alongside her husband Jason Ingream. Mango Rita’s is located in Time Square at Fort Myers Florida. As you know, this area sustained some of the most significant damage from Hurricane Ian. Mango Ritas was completely destroyed. While insurance will cover some of the damages, it will not cover the cost to pay the Mango Ritas employees during this time of rebuilding. Mango Ritas has 13 employees and the majority of their salary is earned through tips. On top of not having employment anymore,many of their employees' homes & cars were damaged as well. During these times of trial and as Fort Myers begins to pick up the pieces, we would like to help the Mango’s Staff. Your donation will help to provide groceries, gas, utility payments, etc. 

A little bit about Mango Rita’s:

Mango Rita’s is a family owned business that was purchased by Jj & Jason Ingream back in 2019. Mango’s is a staple at Fort Myers Beach in Times Square and was a favorite for many locals and tourists alike.It has always been known for its family friendly atmosphere and delicious food. Not only did JJ & Jason treat their customers with love and integrity, they also treated their employees the same. They have put everything they have into this business and not many days would go by where you did not see Jason or JJ at Mangos interacting with customers and staff. They loved this business.

The second part of your donation will go to Jj's father Melvin Johnson. Melvin’s mobile home was completely submerged under water and destroyed by the hurricane. Melvin worked very hard and saved up his money to purchase his home just a few years ago. Now everything he owns is gone. Your donation will helpMelvin back on his feet and work towards getting a new home.

Additional Way To Help: During the month of October, American Woman Beauty & Honest Abe will donate 30% of its profits to the Mango Rita's team & Uncle Melvin. Your purchase will help to greatly impact these people's lives. Part of AWBs mission is to help change the world for the better and provide a beacon of hope to those in need. You can shop AWB & Honest Abe at:


We ask that you would please help us make a difference. If you are unable tomake a donation or purchase product (through AWB), we ask that you PLEASE share this with others. Our goal is to get the word out to as many people as possible and help make a positive impact on these people’s lives.

Thank you for taking the time to read about their stories. Please keep all those impacted by Hurricane Ian in your prayers. 

God Bless,


Vivianna Thomas