I’m not one to ask people for help but I am here
asking for everyone to reach out to help an amazing
father of five and grandfather of seven.

Donald Degagner is a good friend of mine and my child’s grandfather. Don
was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer at the end of
January 2020 and they estimated that he would
have only five months to live. He said he wasn't
going anywhere and he meant it...and so began his
fight. Don has been through so much in the past two
and a half years...tests, radiation, three rounds of
chemo, biopsies, etc. After the second round of
chemo last summer they told him that the multiple
tumors on his liver had "woken up" and that there
was nothing else they could do. They decided to do
one more round of chemo but it didn't work. Even
though it didn't work, he's still here and still fighting!

Don has now qualified for one last option...drug
trials in Toronto. He's proven the doctors wrong for
the past 2 1/2 years because he's a fighter but he's
getting tired and it's expensive to have to travel to
and stay in Toronto. Don has fought so hard and the
thought of him having to give up after this long just
because the financial burden has become too great
is absolutely heart wrenching. What if this trial drug
actually works?!?

I have seen people come together so many times
and I'm hoping that we can all come together now.
Let's help this family by easing some of the
financial struggle so Don can concentrate on his
health and continue his fight.

Don is without a doubt one of the good guys and he
deserves the chance to live ! Statistically he
shouldn't even still be here with the amount of
tumors on his liver so I'm choosing to believe that
there's a reason that he's still here.

Because people are very reluctant to use GoFundMe,
email transfers can be sent directly to the family at cindydonald@hotmail.com.
Imagine if everyone gave just $5 how fast it would
add up!?!
If you can't donate, please, PLEASE share this!