Justice for Dad who received S**TS without permiss

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Hi anyone who knows me knows I don’t ask anyone for anything and it hurts me to do this but my dad had taken a stroke and ended up that he could not speak, paralyzed on his right side myself and husband had him home with us and went to clean him up before bed and his paralyzed leg locked up so we got scared called the ambulance they took him to the hospital in which they said that it looked like a little brain bleed started so said to keep him there to be on the safe side. 
So then all this Covid started and I told the hospital, doctors and nurses that my dad was NOT to get those shots due to him already having a stroke and I didn’t trust them due to it being as a cure so quickly. 
I didn’t think I had to worry because I had to sign for anything to do with my dad that they thought should have been done so without my signature they couldn’t proceed with anything. 
I got a call telling me they lost my dad but brought him back my husband, daughter and myself rushed to the hospital stayed the night next day he was alert and understanding us but in a lot of crazy pain we did what we could to make him comfortable. 
Not much longer got another call saying that they needed to do surgery on my dad because his stomach blew up like a huge balloon which was quite strange so we to the hospital and they reassured me before I signed the paperwork that he would be fine that the surgery would take about 2 hours or so. 
So being that it was a hospital where they are supposed to take care of people I trusted them. So I signed the paperwork. 
They opened my dads stomach and low and behold then could not close it back up apparently then ended up putting a bag on his stomach so now he couldn’t really eat because it would come right out in the bag mind you that didn’t stop us from taking him his food he loved to eat just so he could taste it. 
Due to the bag on his stomach now they then had to get anesthesiologist put an IV in for nutrition as he couldn’t eat and they were the only ones qualified to do such an IV due to it being put on the inside of his arm and through his chest and down. 
We went back home and to work then not much later we get a call again saying that dad wasn’t doing well to come so again my husband, daughter and myself stayed 7 days and 6 nights in his room and didn’t leave.  My dad had suffered with so much pain he couldn’t be moved at all from the time the first call that they lost him until the day he passed he ended up with so many bed soars it was a sin. 
They pumped him up with pain medication that it would have killed a horse it wasn’t normal. We couldn’t understand what happened to him so just for the heck of it I went on his Alberta health and as soon as I put the last letter in the password up popped a Covid 19 passport!
I was floored and furious I called the hospital and asked who gave my dad the Pfizer shots and who gave permission to give the shots? 
 I was then told that a consent form was there I went and got a copy of it and they forged his two initials M.S and everything else on the so called consent form was empty. The Medical Records had told me and wrote down the doctors name that gave my dad the Pfizer shots. 
All the nurses that seemed and acted like they cared for my dad not one of them bothered to tell me that they gave him the shots either and I know that they all knew and they also knew that was why he was in so much pain as well but acted as if it was a huge mystery as to why all the pain came from out of nowhere and for no reason. 
The hospital, doctor and nurses went against my word and without my consent and ended up taking my dad away from us. 
Also the whole time from the start of Covid till he passed away I had Alberta Health Service calling me every week saying that Marven’s Covid test was negative so why oh why would I have thought that they did such a thing to my dad. 
I want to get justice for him but lawyer fees are out of this world and I just can’t afford them.
Someone needs consequence for the actions of taking my dad away and making him suffer with so much pain before passing away and for the rest of the people in the hospital that they are probably doing this to without family members knowing. 
If they did it to my dad you may depend they are doing it or did it already to someone else’s dad, mom, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather.
I just want to get this out there. If anyone could help me with this it would be greatly appreciated.
The pictures added on here are one showing that they gave my dad the first Pfizer shot on April 28/2021 and the second Pfizer shot on May 21/2021, 24 days apart. 
The second picture is showing the consent form where they put my dads initials M.S and everything else is blank. This platform wont allow me to show the full page and only part of it so just wanted to show as much of it as I could so everyone could see. 
If anyone would like more pictures of proof just message me I would be more than happy show you. Even a share could be helpful. 


Update #2
November 22, 2022
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So have been waiting to hear back from the hospital records to get the whole file for my dad while he was in the hospital now they are coming up with excuses saying that since he’s passed away the paperwork saying that I was to do everything for him is no longer valid and I need to apply to the courts asking for new paperwork even though they have already given me the forged consent form, the doctor that did this to my dad etc. so I’m just guessing that they have lots to hide and trying to stop me from having it. Any help at all would be so great fully appreciated so I can get the lawyer on them as soon as possible before they destroy my dads records. Thank you for your support

Update #1
November 5, 2022
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Thank you for your support and helping me not let the government getting away with takin my dad away. It’s greatly appreciated more than you know. 


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