Help Amos Miller DEFEND our Traditional Foods

Campaign Created by: Anke M. for Amos Miller (Legal Defense Fund)

The funds from this campaign will be received by Amos Miller Organic Farm LLC.

Goal: USD $100,000
Raised: USD $ 7,405

We are moving forward

As many of you already know, Amos Miller, our selfless farmer, has been facing persecution and prosecution for years - growing and supplying healing, nutrient dense foods to our members of our private member association. It has been a challenging and difficult time for all of us, but the hardship goes especially to farmer, Amos and his whole family.

Now, things are looking much brighter. Father God has answered our prayers for a fearless lawyer to represent Amos, to stand up for him and speak truth to power. Robert Barnes, a high profile attorney known for his work representing clients like Wesley Snipes and Children's Health Defense, and his success in defending clients in civil, criminal, and constitutional law cases, has agreed to represent Amos!

He has gotten Amos a continuance, meaning that Amos will not have to go to court on Monday, and we now have a month to work and plan before the next hearing. Robert Barnes will be there to defend him at that time.

Robert passes on the following message to all of you:

""I am very pleased and proud to represent Amos Miller. This case concerns ever farmer, every community of every faith, and the individual's right to decide what goes in their body. I look forward to defending the right of the people to make their own informed decisions about food in this case."

Robert Barnes
shares our faith and belief in our sacred right to choose what we eat and put in our own bodies. Please continue to pray that Robert is able to defend Amos against the attacks the government brings against him, and to defend the right of all of us to choose healing, nutrient dense foods.

Many agree that our farmer, Amos Miller, is the precedent. We are determined to get him a positive outcome. But we will go a step further as we want ALL of our small scale farmers to benefit. We will stand up for all of YOU who believe that what we do and fight for has merit.

If you agree that traditional farming according to God's Law is important to preserve and it should be our choice to decide what type of foods we choose to eat without government overreach, please support our campaign and pray for our new Attorney, Mr Robert Barnes, who will faithfully and loyally represent our farmer, Amos Miller.

What will my money be used for? This campaign was created to raise the funds for the best legal representation through Robert Barnes.

How can I find out more about the farm? Please visit or contact us.

Since the farmer is Amish and doesn't use a computer, how did he create this GiveSendGo page? Amos Miller has chosen managing member, Anke M. and Tracy to help him create this campaign

Thank you for reading.

With appreciation, Anke and Tracy


How selfless
October 4, 2022
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Hello everybody....
What more can be said... How selfless. Praise father God that He is using Amos to wake so many people up.... Have eyes to see and ears to hear... have faith....

Why the Amos Miller / Amish Farmer Persecution is Important for EVERYONE!
September 26, 2022
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