St Monica's Rocketry Club (STMRC) is a home school rocketry team consisting of 20 team members from New York and Connecticut. We build and launch model rockets to test our theories and to advance in national competitions.

Our journey began in 2012, when we created a team dedicated to building and designing rockets to complete nationally against other teams in the USA. Through our hard efforts and dedication, we ranked 18 in the 2022 TARC (The American Rocketry Challenge) competition. STMRC has been invited, for the second time, by NASA, to participate in the NASA Student Launch in April 2023.
For the NASA Student Launch, we will launch a rocket that will include a scientific experiment. Our hypothesis is to see if we can send useable oxygen, created by algae, to Mars. This experiment would test if algae would sustain the same amount of oxygen in the rocket after lift-off to be useful when it reaches Mars.

The entire project will consist in not only designing and engineering a payload and the rocket that would fulfill our hypothesis, but also documenting our progress, our plan of action and risks management to NASA. We will also have virtual meetings with the NASA committee.  

We have about 7 months to work on this project and will need financial help with the overall cost of materials for the rocket and our trip to NASA in Huntsville, AL in April 2023.

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