2Hello everyone,

Independent film-making is challenging and creating a western time period piece is a huge accomplishment. And we did it for under $1000. An almost impossible task. But we did it! 

Selway Studio’s short film Checkmate was filmed and produced for under $1000. Checkmate became a proof of concept film for a feature film project called "Blood Of My Tears!" 

After post-production for Checkmate it’s director, Joshua Michael after consulting with Selway Staff decided they would enter the film into several film festivals. The top of his list for this endeavorwas The Wild Bunch Film Festival. We at Selway had no idea if Checkmate would be accepted into this prestigious film festival. But we decided it was worth a try. We were pleased to hear that Checkmate was accepted as an official selection for the 2022 Wild Bunch Film Festival! 

A short time later Selway Studios received an email that sent excitement through the company. The email from, The Wild Bunch Filmread that Checkmate had received 7 nominations. What makes this so special is that these nominations are all done by the festival's in-house judges. The festival and award ceremony are scheduled from October 20-23rd. We have provided a link to the film for you to watch, and to see other Selway Studio film projects www.selwaystudiosllc.com .

Joshua Michael is a military veteran living on a fixed income. He funds most of his projects from his own pocket. Selway would like to raise $2000 to send Joshua Michael who has been nominated as best actor in a short western film, and Amanda Bearmedice who received two nominations as best actress and best supporting Actress in a short film western to represent Selway Studios. The film itself, Checkmate also received a nomination as best short western film. There are other possible nominations i.e. best short western film screenplay, best short western film editing. These are not listed.

Selway has estimated that the cost for sending both Joshua and Amanda to represent us at the festival to be about $2000 for travel and lodging. Selway has received two free tickets to attend this weekend event from the Wild Bunch Film Festival so our only out lay is for travel and lodging. We atSelway are hoping.you will get behind this endeavor and help us send representatives to this event.

Selway Studio LLC


Executive Director

“The Wild Bunch Film Festival”.LINK to nominations 

  1. Best Western Short Nomination - Checkmate

  2. Best Actor (Western Short) Nominatio

    1. Joshua Michael Gennari

  3. Best Supporting Actor (Western Short) Nominations

    1. Dennis Morgan Shackelford - Checkmate

  4. Best Actress (Western Short) Nominations

    1. Amanda Bearmedicine - Checkmate

  5. Best Supporting Actress (Western Short) Nominations

    1. Amanda Bearmedicine - Checkmate

  6. Best 1st Time Filmmaker Nominations

    1. Joshua Michael Gennari & Melonie Rae Wednt - Checkmate

Best Drama Short Film Nominations - Checkmate