Hello my name is Shawn Price. I am a 28 year old man that has spent most of my life working hard and hoping to one day live that American Dream, which I felt was coming true when I found love and decided to start a life for us- that is, until January 6th arrests happened and I became a target as an innocent manIt was about 5AM in Early June in 2021 when my mother came down into my apartment to tell me that the FBI was surrounding the house. The panic in her voice is a sound I will never forget. I got up to grab clothes and my girlfriend jumped up confused and panicked. That is when they heard us. They screamed to get out and that the house was surrounded. Guns were shattering windows my girlfriend was standing under. I couldn't even get pants on before rushing to the door out of fear for what might happen to my family had I waited any longer. My girlfriend was right at my side running to the door- to this day she has PTSD attacks remembering the rifles lasers in her vision from the crouched armed men behind cars and standing throughout the front yard aimed right at us as we rushed outside. One wrong move was all it would take. We were all rushed out of the house.. From my mom and my step dad. To me and my girlfriend. To my two younger sisters, one being 14 and in pajamas as a gun followed her out while everyone was asking what was happening and why. They were calling me a terrorist. They were in full armed gear. Jamming neighborhood cameras. Ransacking the entire house. FBI, the Joint Terrorist Task Force, and other officers were running around the house collecting items- laying them out on the very table my family eats our meals at. All of this, on the morning of the meeting for my girlfriend and I to move into our first real apartment together. I was given an ankle monitor that came with many restrictions due to finding a lawyer by the time I saw the judge. The monitor and rules restricted me from certain jobs, from seeing some family, from never again going on evening dates because I had a curfew now, not being able to celebrate Christmas for longer than just enough time to eat and leave, to the financial burden of forcing me to drop everything and leave work in a moments notice to drive 40 minutes to them while sharing a car with my girlfriend, for check ups. Random urine samples. Forced programs for three hours three times a week right after working a long day. Virtual court while at work having to hide away with my phone. All of this plus many more hardships and days of missed income from things they request, all at a time where my girlfriend found out she had some major medical issues we have to care for. All of this while I deal with a case- a case where my charges have me facing federal years in prison, which not only would be hard on myself, my future, my reputation, but it will leave my girlfriend alone. Unable to manage the bills that together we are drowning with already. This on top of the legal fees for this case. It has been the most stressful time of my life- changing me in ways I never thought possible.Causing severe financial challenges that feel like they are never ending and this is now, before the case is finalized. I've never been one to ask for help.. But, when you have no options left, you pray and hope that there may be others that see the hard working and genuine person you are and believe in freedom and being a true American that helps our fellow citizens. We are hoping there are people that are willing to help because they know that so many charged for that day are innocent and are being harassed and bullied by the government because of having different views. What they are doing is so very wrong. They try everything to get you to mess up and it's been a true prison sentence just without the cell. I hope my story is heard and understood- a story of a man that had a hard and troubled past that shouldn't define him after growing up to value hard work and love for his country and wants to change it and better it for the next generation. Freedom sure comes at a cost, and right now, I need help to afford me my freedom so I can be the hard working American man that makes sure his girl is taken care of so we can have our American Dream and raise the family we want to have living a life where the innocent are not harassed and wrongly accused with fear tactics being used on them daily interrupting life in every way as if its a game for them to see others struggle. I was never inside the capitol building- I was never violent-I had helped the injured- I was there to hear a speech and got caught in the crowd and am being called a terrorist because of my past and by being picked from a group during a day turned bad- So, today, I ask for help. I am now forced to pay a lawyer close to $100,000 on top of rent and utilities, car payment and insurance, debt because of dealing with this for over a year now, and even the clothing I wear and food we eat. This control I am under has made it harder than ever to even make sure we have the basic necessities to live. It has made stress the norm, making my girlfriends medical issues worse in the process. Any amount helps and is so appreciated beyond any words. ALL donations will go to the legal fees for my case, to utilities we are unable to afford due to the financial burden the government has put me under while proving my innocence, to the debt mounting up from trying to stay afloat during the last year and few months, and to any future costs for my girlfriend to survive and pay the bills if I am sent away for any time. If you cannot donate because funds are understandably hard, please share my story and this link- spread the word and pray not just for us, but for all the others facing similar hardship. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless you and God bless the others that are in similar situations & FREE OUR POLITICAL PRISONERS.