In February 2023, a team from Oso Community Chapel will be heading down to Mazatlan to remodel a kitchen for a local ministry that provides free meals for kids every day. Their financial resources as well as the availability of people with construction knowledge has been very limited for them, so our team going down includes carpenters, an engineer, teachers, musicians, administrators, and a few kids too. There is also a small school that we will be serving, so while the kitchen project is underway with some of our crew, the rest of the team will be with the kids doing fun activities each day to help give their staff a much-needed break! We are so excited to share the love of Jesus with the community there and to complete a kitchen project that will facilitate feeding more kids. Your financial support will contribute to the purchase of the building materials for the kitchen project, any supplies needed for the activities for kids, and the expenses for our team to be able to go serve in this capacity. Thank you for partnering with us!